Benefits of Installing Skylights in Your Home

December 6th, 2021 | By Dale Chastain

A skylight welcomes beautiful natural light into your home. Beyond the aesthetic value, there are many positive practical benefits to having skylights in your home. Skylight installation is one of our many roofing services available at Chastain Roofing. Explore the benefits of skylights and see if a skylight could be a good fit for your home.

The Benefits of Skylights

  •       Increase Natural Lighting—Although you may have some natural lighting in your home from windows, a skylight takes it to the next level. A skylight can light up a part of a room unreached by the natural light pouring in from your windows.
  •       Conserve Energy—When you are maximizing natural light, you will be able to use fewer electrical lights. On a sunny winter day, a skylight can also provide some heat, cutting back on heating costs. Skylights help expel hot air in the summer season, so your cooling costs should be lowered as well.
  •       Improve Ventilation—There are manual and remote control operated skylights that can be opened to expel hot air, steam, smoke, etc. Getting rid of hot air is especially beneficial in the summer, but a vented skylight could also be pleasant for letting in fresh air during the spring and fall. Using a skylight in your bathroom could help manage excessive moisture. Some homeowners even put them in their kitchens to ventilate cooking odors and smoke without having to turn on an exhaust fan.
  •       Make a Room Appear Larger—Skylights and windows help make a room feel more spacious as they seem to extend on into nature. There are a variety of sizes of skylights, so you can find one that fits appropriately in your space.
  •       Increase Home Value—Skylights are an attractive feature to homebuyers, especially if the skylights are energy-efficient models. The addition of skylights in your home will also improve the beauty of your rooms through harnessing natural light.
  •       Prioritize your Health—The health benefits of skylights are quite diverse. Natural lighting in your home will help you feel more connected with the outside world. Being in touch and close to nature will improve your mood and sense of belonging. A vented skylight will improve your air quality and circulation, which is beneficial for wellness. Also, a skylight is helpful for preventing mold and fungus growth inside of your house.

If you are ready to wake up each day greeted by natural lighting, give Chastain Roofing a call! We can help you explore your options to find the ideal skylight to improve your space.