safeguarding your foundation

Protecting your Roof and Limiting your Maintenance

Your roof is designed to protect your home, but it can do this more effectively with quality functioning gutters and gutterguards. The purpose of gutters is to help deliver the water from your roof away from your home’s foundation, preventing damage such as mold and rot. When gutters become clogged with leaves, sticks, and animal nests, the water cannot be drained properly and can start damaging your roof. When your roof is constantly exposed to standing water and material in your gutters, it can cause damage, which will cause unnecessary hassle and repair costs. Gutterguards are a simple way to prevent clogged gutters and limit how much time you spend cleaning. If you need gutter cleaning, new gutter installation, or added gutterguards, Chastain Roofing can help!

Gutters and gutterguards are crucial for protecting your roof and your home as a whole. Being pro-active in installing proper gutters and gutterguards can prevent significant damage to your home. With the proper drainage, your roof can protect your home properly and reach its intended lifespan, maximizing your investment. In addition to saving your home from damage and preventing expensive repair bills, gutters and gutterguards can save you valuable time. Instead of spending your weekend cleaning out leaves from your gutters, you can invest your time doing something you enjoy or value. We want to save your time, money, and energy through gutters and gutterguards.

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