How to Fix a Leaking Roof from the Inside

December 1st, 2023 | By Dale Chastain

At Chastain Roofing, we understand that discovering a leak in your roof, especially during inclement weather, can be unsettling. Sometimes, Roofing Companies in Fayetteville, GA, may take some time to arrive. While our team is always ready to support you, there are temporary measures you can implement to control the situation. Here’s how we can guide you through managing minor leaks during harsh weather conditions until our experts arrive:

Step 1: Allow Us to Help You Identify the Leak

Contact us if you notice discoloration or damp spots on your ceiling or walls. The water’s path inside might be indirect, and the visible indoor damage may not directly correspond with the roof’s leakage point. Our experience can guide you in pinpointing the leak source effectively over the phone.

Step 2: Seek Our Guidance to Minimize Damage

While our team is en route, there are steps you can take to minimize further damage. For instance, placing a bucket or waterproof container under the leak can help catch the dripping water. You can also use a string to channel the water into the container, reducing splashing.

Step 3: Let Us Instruct You on Draining Pooling Water

If you notice water pooling and causing your ceiling to bulge, it’s crucial to act promptly to avoid potential ceiling damage. Only attempt to puncture the center of the bulge to release the accumulated water with expert advice from our team.

Remember, these measures are temporary. A roof leak could signify broader issues, necessitating our professional touch for a lasting solution. Overlooking the problem may result in extensive structural damage, which can escalate repair costs.

Reach out to Chastain Roofing if you ever need Roof Repairs in Fayetteville, GA, of any kind. Our OSHA-certified professionals are ready to guide and serve you, ensuring unmatched quality and complete customer satisfaction. Contact us at (770) 884-7470, and let’s resolve your Roofing in Fayetteville, GA, concerns together.