How to Inspect Your Roof and What to Look For

May 2nd, 2022 | By Dale Chastain

For many of us, the state of our roof may be summed up as “out of sight, out of mind.” We may forget to check on the status of this vital part of our home until something goes wrong. However, by the time you see water dripping from your ceiling or discover pests in your attic, the damage has been done. 

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent expensive roof repairs, and that’s with routine inspections. 

Here are some tips for inspecting your roof and what you should look for. 

How Often and When Should You Schedule a Roof Inspection?

While the need for roof inspections can vary depending on where you live and your roof’s materials, you might want to aim for at least two roof inspections each year. 

You may want to schedule one in the early summer months to catch any damage from winter weather and another in the fall from any summer-related damage from thunderstorms or intense heat. 

Outside of these two times a year, you can schedule a roof inspection if your home has experienced an extreme weather event, like heavy winds, hail, or an ice storm. Anytime your roof has or could have undergone some damage, it’s crucial to consider scheduling an inspection. 

When to Hire a Professional for a Roof Inspection 

It’s also essential to know when to call in a professional roofing company to look at your roof versus you doing it yourself. If you have a new roof or haven’t faced any weather systems that could cause it damage since the last inspection by a professional, then a visual inspection from the ground could be sufficient. Nevertheless, if you’ve noticed any structural issues like missing shingles, leaks within your home, or there’s been intense weather, then it’s likely time to call a professional. 

What to Look for During a Roof Inspection 

If you’re looking at your roof from the ground, it can be hard to know what to look for and what should cause you to give a roofing company a call. 

Here are some things to take note of as you do a visual inspection: 

Curled shingles: Shingles that are buckling or misshapen could point to an issue of hot air trapped in your attic. If not taken care of, this issue could lead to poor airflow in your home and water leaks. 

Collections of debris: If you see any gathering of substances like algae, leaves, or moss, take note. Leaves can cause moisture to collect within the shingles of your roof, leading to potential leaks. Also, moss absorbs water which could lead to the growth of mold. It’s essential to clear these areas yourself or call a roofing company to help to prevent any potential damage. 

Missing shingles: Do you notice any missing shingles on your roof? If so, it’s time to either replace them yourself or hire a company to do it. Missing or damaged shingles make it easy for moisture to enter your home causing water damage that could threaten its structural integrity. 

Leaking in your attic: This will be an interior inspection. But if you’re starting to notice leaks in your attic area, then it’s time to check your roof for any gaps or damage. 

Interior water stains: Have you noticed any brown stains on your walls or the ceiling? This occurrence means that water has made its way into your home, and it’s likely through the roof. 

Once you notice these issues, it’s time for a more thorough inspection by a roofing company. They can come in and check the problem, look at the roofing materials, and analyze the condition of your roof. 

If any of the issues above are happening, the Chastain Roofing team wants to diminish potential damage to your home. Allow us to take this concern off your plate, as we can inspect your roof and take care of any possible repairs.