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Metal roofs have gained popularity due to the durability, longevity, and sustainability provided. Because metal is a long-lasting material, frequent roof replacement is not a concern for you or the environment. In commercials buildings, metal roofing has a lifespan of roughly 60 years. Metal roofing is also capable of withstanding incredible wind, even up to 140 mph. Whether for residential or commercial, metal roofing is hardy and designed to last.



Asphalt roofing delivers beauty, customization, and reliability for an affordable cost. There is a wide array of textures and colors available to fit any home or building style. With a track record of being utilized in this country for 100 years, asphalt is a durable, impressive, and practical choice.

modified bitumen

modified bitumen

With a long-standing reputation for durability in hot and cold temperatures, modified bitumen can be an ideal choice for flat roof homes. The expected lifespan is at least twenty years. Because the seams are melted together, leakage is rarely an issue for this type of roof. Modified bitumen is designed to endure the storms of life without becoming brittle or cracked.

single ply roof

single ply roof

Single ply roofing conserves energy through its reflective qualities which is positive for a budget and the environment. Additionally, the installation is relatively simple and the pricing is competitive.


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Residential, Commercial, and New Construction Roofing

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a roof replacement, a business owner with a commercial space in need of roofing repair, or someone building from scratch, our team at Chastain Roofing can help accommodate your needs. We specialize in installations and repairs for commercial and residential roofing projects. Our team is committed to serving your roofing needs near Fayetteville, GA with excellence and speed.

Superior Services for Residential, Commercial, and New Construction Roofing

Whether you need roofing repair, replacement, or installation work completed for your existing residential or commercial property, or new construction, we have you covered. Our roofing technicians apply our company’s wealth of knowledge and experience to provide exceptional, lasting roofing solutions. Since the smallest details make the difference, we work meticulously to ensure your job is handled with excellence.

Minimizing Disruption to Your Home or Business

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your family or employees. Because of this, our team understands the need to complete your roofing repair or installation project properly and swiftly to minimize disruption to your family or work environment. We apply exceptional professionalism and passionate dedication to all we do for our roofing customers.

If you are looking for experienced roofing contractors or reliable roofers near or in the Fayetteville, GA area, your search has ended with Chastain Roofing.

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