What is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

June 6th, 2022 | By Dale Chastain

There are many materials that you can use to make up the composition of your roof. From asphalt to metal, the options are plentiful. Additionally, there are specific ways to build or style it using particular materials to increase its durability. 

Metal roofs built in a standing seam can lead to long-lasting protection for your roof. The Chastain Roofing team can create customized versions of these roofs. 

Read on for more details about what a standing seam roof is and how we can help. 

What is a standing seam metal roof?

Standing seam metal roofs are a collection of metal panels fastened together at the seams. They are typically manufactured using steel and aluminum, and the panels can be directly attached to the roof deck. 

Since the panels of a standing seam metal roof have concealed fasteners, it can decrease the likelihood that moisture and debris can bypass these fasteners and make their way under the metal roofing. 

Not only are they functionally sound and typically offer better structural protections, but they also are known for their sleek and modern appearance. 

Standing seam roofing panels can have a few types of configurations, which can depend on how they’re fastened and snapped together. 

Standing seam roofing panels can be attached directly onto the roof using a fastener, with the next panel covering the fastener flange and screw. 

There’s also the option to clip together the male and female legs of the panel using a clip attached to the roofing structure. This option could allow for more expansion between the panels. 

Regarding how panels are connected, panels can either be snapped together manually or mechanically attached using a motorized seaming device. 

How we form and customize the metal to fit your home

At Chastain Roofing, we specialize in creating customized standing seam metal roofs. We can measure the spacing of your roof and make a standing seam metal roof that fits the length, width, color, and thickness requirements specific to your home or business. 

We can then create hidden fasteners, which can diminish the wear and tear of your roof and decrease the likelihood of leaks that can result in moisture entering your home.

If you’re considering a standing seam metal roof and want to know more about how their durability can benefit your home, reach out to us for more information.