Hail Damaged Roof? Hail No! What Are the Signs of Hail Damage?

March 7th, 2022 | By Dale Chastain

Small as a pebble or as big as a baseball, hail of any size can cause serious damage to your roof. Whether you have a metal roof or shingles, hail can reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of your roof. After a hailstorm occurs, your roof will need an inspection. The crew at Chastain Roofing has witnessed our share of hail damage. After the storm, look for these common signs of hail damage.

  •       Dents in Metal Features of your Roof—If you have a metal roof, the dents are likely all over. On an asphalt roof, the dents will be in your gutters, air vents, and siding. Beyond the obvious cosmetic reasons, the dents in metal can shorten the material’s lifespan, limit water-shedding ability, and weaken seams between the metal.
  •       Gutters full of Granules—After a hailstorm, the granules from your shingles may be clogging up your gutters. Not only is this a hassle to clean out, but the shingles have less protection from losing a top layer of granules.
  •       Soft Shingles—If you feel shingles damaged by hail, they may feel soft to the touch. Think of how an apple feels when bruised, and this is pretty much how a soft, weak spot feels on your roof. The weakened spots can lead to a leak easily. Also, weak spots could give way if weight is applied to them, so if you choose to inspect your roof personally, use caution.
  •       Shingles with Bald Spots—When hail hits your shingles, the granules can fall off at the point of impact. This can be one of the most visible indicators of hail damage because your entire roof will look spotted. Your shingles can also have dents with or without serious granule loss.

If your roof has endured a hailstorm, the safest choice is to schedule an inspection from a professional. Since hail weakens your roof, inspecting the roof yourself can be dangerous. The Chastain Roofing team is experienced with hail damage and can evaluate your damages safely. We can offer clear solutions for resolving your damage, whether that means repair work or a roof replacement. Insurance coverage from homeowner’s policies varies, but we will help you navigate the process to receive your best outcome. If a hailstorm damages your roof, Chastain Roofing is here to help. Schedule a visit today!