When Should You Repair or Replace Your Chimney Cap?

November 1st, 2021 | By Dale Chastain

Chimney caps are an incredibly important part of your chimney. They are usually made of steel or copper mesh, and they are placed on the top of your chimney. Chimney caps are designed to prevent water from getting down inside your chimney, potentially causing damage to your home’s interior. Also, chimney caps prevent animals, such as squirrels, snakes, raccoons, etc., from climbing inside of your chimney. Beyond that, chimney caps can keep downdrafts from occurring, blowing smoke into your home. If that was not enough, chimney caps also act as a barrier for sparks or embers from your chimney floating onto your roof and starting a fire. As roofing professionals at Chastain Roofing, we cannot overstate the importance of chimney caps. If your chimney is missing a cap or needs a replacement, our team is standing by to help.

Signs You May Need a Chimney Cap Repair or Replacement

  •       The presence of moisture or pests in your chimney—Since the chimney cap is designed to prevent these things, you should schedule an inspection if you notice evidence of water, downdrafts, or pests. The chimney cap may have a fixable crack, or it may be beyond salvaging. When repairs are possible, we will always try to make use of your existing chimney cap.
  •       The cap appears to be rusted—Over time, your chimney cap may rust or corrode from exposure to moisture, contaminants, and creosote. A chimney weakened by rust or corrosion will allow for your home to be compromised by water and pests eventually.  
  •       The occurrence of downdrafts—When the chimney cap is damaged or missing, a windy day could lead to a gust of wind getting down your chimney. The gust will blow smoke, soot, and ash into your home. Not only is this bad for your air quality, but it will be a significant mess to clean up inside your home.
  •       The cap is gone altogether—If your home is continuously exposed to heavy rain and winds, your chimney cap could become loose or lost altogether. Chimney caps should be secured into the chimney crown, but inclement weather or improper installation could lead to the cap coming off. As soon as you notice that your cap is missing, give Chastain Roofing a call. The cap is so important for protecting your home.

If you have a failing chimney cap, we can help! Schedule an inspection and consultation with one of our roofing professionals at Chastain Roofing to evaluate your chimney cap condition.